Orders taken

All of my art is either a limited edition or one-offs and will be sold out eventually. And, since all my books are printed letterpress, once the total edition has been printed the hand set form will be disassembled and all specimens sorted back in to their respective cases to be ready to use in a future project. As to my work of art there is no such thing as a second edition. If a book or broadsheet has sold out, it has sold out for good.

Sold out: My first artist’s book ever “Der kleine Niak” – published 2001

There will be book fairs where you’ll find me with a selection of my art work on the table for sale. However, there is always more on stock in the studio than can be packed and carried to a show. Also, there will be Open Studio events on special occasions, giving the opportunity to browse the shelves and see all of the art work on offer. The dates for these will be announced right in time – watch this space, particularly the category “Showcase”. However, as we have seen during 2020, either – fairs as well as Open Studio events – might fall prey to restrictions put in place by authorities to protect everybody from, for example, hazardous viruses.

Sold out: “Fernöstliches Schmausbuch” – published 2002

If you are interested in buying a piece, please get in touch – the best way being to email me at pen@forkandbroompress.net. A date for an individual visit and/or picking up a chosen work of art usually can be arranged – circumstances permitting. Also, my art work can be bought by order. However, particularly if items will need to be shipped to a place outside Germany, p&p and probably customs regulations will need to be figured out. I’ll be getting back to you as soon as possible.

Sold out: “On Religious Tolerance” – published 2003