Tools & Presses

The Fork and Broom Press is into relief printing including letterpress using metal and wood type. All presses are manually operated. Illustrations are made by hand from either wood or lino blocks. Sheets might be painted by hand prior to printing. All art work is published in small limited editions, book-projects can be series of one-offs. Artist‘s books are bound by hand, book blocks are made either on a sewing frame or on the work bench.


Grafix GX1 AV – letterpress proof press
Year presumably 1964
Size 41 x 62 cm
motorised rollers, bed adjustable, cylinder manual


KORREX Hannover – letterpress proof press
Year 1956
Size 50 x 70 cm
rollers and cylinder manual


Simmel letterpress proof press
Year 1952
Size 50 x 70 cm
cylinder manual, no rollers


Adana eight-five – manual platen press

Drying rack
Size 80 x 60 cm
50 storage planes


Metal type

Some 30 type cabinets holding around 100 different type fonts
For more information about the stock of metal type see:


Spacing and furniture









Krause guillotine
Year 1912/13
Cutting length 120 cm

Krause paper cutter for book blocks
Year 1912/13
Cutting length 40 cm

Robust guillotine
Year unknown
Cutting length 70 cm


Robust screw press
Size 50 x 40 cm


4 Bookbinding presses

Manual device for producing a rille (groove) for folding
Rille length 50 cm

Manual punch


Sewing frame