Exhibits & Collaborations

Exhibitions (Choice)

2019 Biennale Buchkunst Weimar
2018 Oxford Fine Press Book Fair, Oxford (UK) – OGP Prize Winner
2018 “Papier-Kunst – Paper Art”, Handwerksforum Hannover
2017 Biennale Buchkunst Weimar
2016 Turn The Page, Norwich (UK), juried exhibition, Book Prize Nominee
2015 Biennale Buchkunst Weimar
2015 Oxford Fine Press Book Fair, Oxford (UK)
2014 Al-Mutanabbi-Street-Starts-Here – Absence and Presence,
San Francisco Center for the Book (USA)
2014 Turn The Page, Norwich (UK), juried exhibition

2013 Biennale Buchkunst Weimar
2013 Al-Mutanabbi-Street-Starts-Here – Inventory,
John Rylands Library, Manchester (UK) 
2013 Turn The Page, Norwich (UK), juried exhibition
2013 Al-Mutanabbi-Street-Starts-Here – Inventory,
Center for the Book Arts, New York (USA)
2011 “Al-Mutanabbi-Street-Starts Here” – Brodside Project,
John Rylands Library, Manchester (UK)
2010 Libro della Notte – Venezia (Italy)
2009 „Widerdruck“ – Solo-Exhibition
2009 5th International Artist‘s Book Triennial Vilnius (Lithuania)
2009 BuchDruckKunst Hamburg
2008 „Birds, Bird Books, and Bookbinding“ – Josie Reed Gallery, Bath (UK)
2006 2nd Biennial for the Artist‘s Book, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria (Egypt)

2nd Biennial for the Artist’s Book, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt, 2006, catalogue and CD
Entry: artist’s book “MenschenWürdeRechte”

Some of my art work has been and still is part of exhibitions that are touring internationally. This is the case with all my contributions to the projects of the „al-Mutanabbi-Street-Starts-Here“ cooperative, which I first got part of in 2009. Not in every case will I be notified as to where and when my work has been, is currently or will be on show. However, background information, venues and dates of the respective exhibitions can be found on the website of the University of the West of England.

Libro della Notte, 2010, catalogue, Galleria Viva, Venice (Italy)


2021, 2022 Broadsheets for the FPBA‘s deLuxe edition of Parenthesis
2021 Hitbox No 5 – Annegret Frauenlob, Halle (Saale)/Essen
2019, 2020, 2021 Ephemera on Show – Oxford Guild of Printers, UK

HitBox No 5 – 2021, Annegret Frauenlob – contribution “Born at the Right Time” (Paul Simon)

2016 Shakespeare‘s sonnet No 89, Bodleian Library, Oxford (UK)
2016 „Norfolk Longbook“ – Turn The Page, Norwich (UK)
2014 “Al-Mutanabbi-Street Starts Here” Absence & Presence
2011 “Al-Mutanabbi-Street Starts Here” Inventory Project
2010 „Libro della Notte“, Andreas Kramer/Galleria Venezia Viva, Venice (Italy)
2009 “Al-Mutanabbi-Street Starts Here” Broadside Project
2009 „Falkner“, Nürnberger Handpressentreffen
2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015 „Drucktopf“ – Buchmacherey Helserdeich
2005 „blues and beyond“ – Harry Hirsch
2002 „God Moves on the Water“ – Acoustic Blues Duo

Fairs (Choice)

from 2009: Norddeutsche Handpressenmesse „BuchDruckKunst“ in Hamburg-Barmbek
2001-2009 Minipressenmesse Mainz
2008 + 2014 Leipziger Buchmesse
2010 Frankfurter Buchmesse

Gerhard Falkner, Nürnberger Handpressentreffen 2009