Gallery-in-Barn 25-28 August

Dessert for Printmaker‘s Day 2022 at The Fork and Broom Press will be served from 25 – 28 August in the barn next to the studio in Oppenwehe.There will be a pop-up gallery in the old barn showcasing the brandnew artwork and a special „director‘s choice“ from the backlist. Our old barn has been the location for readings celebrating the …

Journey/wo/man in letterpress 2023

The scheme to train in the craft of letterpress and how to work with metal type as a jounreywoman or journeyman. 20 letterpress places to choose from in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Call for participants:Dead line for your application for season 2023 is 1 October 2022 – details and application: Verein für die Schwarze Kunst.