The Opening Weekend

After the very long relocation process the opening was absolutely fabulous. All three newspapers in the area had been reporting on Saturday morning, the sun was shining, people were streaming in, we had full house on all three days. On Sunday evening we were, so to speak, flat out like a lizard drinking.

Even the white tulips in our garden opted for being open.

I had decided on showing what work with the Grafix proofing press is like.

Earlier in the week I had started printing a keepsake for the opening. During the two days of Open Studio I completed the sheet by printing the back. Each morning before unlocking the door I cut the sheets printed the day before to size so people could have one to take it home.

Everybody  was all smiles. Our neighbours came along Friday evening. They had eagerly and patiently been waiting for the day when things would happen. All of them had helped us right from the start, be it as craftspeople or with lifting or unloading the truck when we were running out of time to return the rented lorry. We were happy to have them here at long last, being able to say thank you for the warm welcome they gave us straight away.

Only days prior to the opening the sign of the LandArt-Route arrived. The studio has become part of route No 5 and is station No 16.

This is what my workplace looks like now:

And this is what it looks like with visitors:

Here goes a huge thank you to all the people who came. You made our day! We heard stories about the past of our new home, and we told the story of our almost five year long relocation process. Many were impressed, by how beautiful the pressroom had turned out, or by the huge effort the relocation process had been.

This is to let you all know: The FaB Press is open now. (I realized there was this nice short version of the studio’s new name.) I’ll be taking a few days off digging the garden, planting black currant bushes and the like. Once this is accomplished I’ll be back for printing.

There will be one more open studio this year on 29-30 July. Then the event will be part of LandArt-Festival which is every other year. Save the date and watch this space.

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