Posito …

„Posito … Gesammelte Makulaturen“ (Posito … Collected Spoils) is a new series of artist’s books created from prints made back in 2010. Then I was into making the artist’s book about Kurt Tucholsky „Mir fehlt ein Wort“ (I’m in Lack of a Word). During the time of researching, reading and printing I had the idea of writing a number of essays in the style Tucholsky would have written them on some of 2010’s topics – if he was still living. Picking up Kurt Tucholsky’s love of pseudonyms I created 10 new characters and wrote one essay in each character’s name. With the intention of – eventually – having these particular texts as a separate series, I printed more sheets then I needed for the work on Tucholsky.

Almost nine years on and after having moved house & workplace, I found the time to create this special series at long last. The term „posito“ is used in the field of law and means „assumed“. The term „Makulaturen“ means simply spoils. All sheets for the work on Kurt Tucholsky were deliberately printed as printer’s spoils, according to the background story of this artist’s book. All essays are in German.

All text is hand set from various metal type founts and printed on my cylinder proofing presses. A variety of paper qualities is used. For the cover the founts Amati, Palette and Trajanus are used. The booklets are sewn with 3-hole pamphlet stich. Matching the colour of the title’s print a silk paper sheet is sewn in as a background for the text sheet which is folded in to fit the size of the cover. All booklets are portrait format of 12,5 x 24 cm. The edition per volume varies. There are three complete sets with all 10 volumes. The series is published in 2018.

These are the ten authors and essays in the series „Posito … Gesammelte Makulaturen“:
Vol. 1: Louis Luchs: Die Kinder von damals (The Children Back Then)
Vol. 2: Cora Cobra: Die späteren Generationen (The Later Generations)
Vol. 3: Walter Waschbär: Dümmer geht’s immer! (There is always a more stupid)
Vol. 4: Bruno Baer: Jäger & Sammler (Hunters & Gatherers)
Vol. 5: Frieda Frettchen: Kann ein Buch Kunst sein? (Can a Book be a Work of Art?)
Vol. 6: Rasmus Ratte: Weniger ist nicht immer mehr (Less is not always more)
Vol. 7: Ralf Rabe: Sprachgewitter (Language-thunder)
Vol. 8: Wiebke Wiesel: Meine Kakerlake (My Cockroach)
Vol. 9: Horst Habicht: Das Tor zur Hölle (The Door to Hell)
Vol. 10: Markus Marder: Das kommt im Leben nicht vor (This will not happen in real life)

Price for any single volume Euro 24.00 plus p&p
Price for a set of all 10 volumes Euro 200.00 plus p&p
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