Printing Movable Type

On 15 March 2018 traditional printing techniques have been awarded cultural heritage status by UNESCO. One year on many printmaking artists and printing studios open their doors and offer a wealth of opportunities to look and feel and make experiences with all sorts of printing techniques. Here at The Fork and Broom Press studio visitors will be able to have a go at one of the manual proofing presses and pull a poster sized print all from movable type:

15 March 2019: Open Studio from 3pm to 8pm at
The Fork and Broom Press
Oppenweher Straße 9
32351 Stemwede Oppenwehe

You want to know what cultural heritage means with respect to printing? Check it out here! (in German)
There is even more to see on 15 March 2019: nationwide map of open studios

This is a collaboration between The Fork and Broom Press and Verein für die Schwarze Kunst e.V. This society is dedicated to all work related to setting, casting and printing with metal type.

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