Printmakers’ Day on 15 March 2020

With a heavy heart we decided to cancel this event due to the current development of coronavirus infections.

Save the date!
At 7. Biennale Buchkunst Weimar in late November 2019 my new artist’s book was hot off the press: “Paul Klee – Der Pfeil”. It was acquired by Klassikstiftung Weimar for the bauhaus-collection.
On 15 March 2020 I’ll be presenting this book to the public at my studio The Fork and Broom Press in Oppenwehe.
We will be open from 11am to 5pm for visitors on the Sunday 15 March 2020

On 15 March 2018 relief printing, together with the other artistic printmaking techniques, was awarded the status of immaterial cultural heritage. Every year on this day printmaking studios and workplaces open their doors for exhibitions, workshops and all sorts of events to give everybody opportunity of having a look at the fascinating world of printmaking. More infos can be found on the BBK’s webspace.