Three Sonnets

This book is meant to come as a homage to William Wordsworth 250 years after the great poet was born. Three of his sonnets have been chosen: VIII, XXIV and XXVI. They all refer to nature and what we can learn from it, providing we are open to listen to what it has to say.

The book comes with a sophisticated colour scheme in shades of green, turquoise and blue – referring to the vibrant greens of a spring meadow, the ocean‘s turquoise waters and a clear night sky‘s blue. Each sonnet is given a background of a gradually fading colour, printed from a linoblock. The cover is made from a shiny viscose fabric in a shade of green with tinges of black and yellow. The printed pages are separated by the sheets of fine quality of Japanese Satogami paper, each sheet making four pages, one in green the other in blue. The book is a hardcover and comes with a dustjacket made from white translucent Scottia paper, with the book‘s title printed in black.
All text his handset from Garamond and Garamond italic. The text is in English and printed on off-white Hahnemühle mould-made printingboard 150gms. The book is 21x30cm with 20 pages plus 8 coloured pages inbetween. The book is sewn with off-white linen thread. Design, typography, printing and binding are all my own work. The book is a limited edition of 12 numbered and signed copies published in October 2020. 

Price Euro 80.00 plus p&p
Orders & info via email.


  1. The book looks really lovely. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you, Marianne!

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