OGP Ephemera 2021

Oxford Guild of Printers Ephemera 2021: The Abecedarium

The Fork and Broom Press‘ contribution for the OGP‘s Abecedarium was a print for the letter Q. I chose the text about the quarantine flag used to signal a vessel being free of disease. On the reverse of the sheet a frame of Q‘s shows the diversity in design there is in metal type.

Here below is the list of which Q‘s have been used to build this square border plus the respective type designers. All specimens are of 24 pt size. The list starts at 12 noon and goes round clockwise:

Adagio 1953 by Karl Klauss
Amati 1951 by Georg Trump
Arabella 1936 by Arno Drescher
Arkona 1936 by Karl Klauss
Baskerville 1920s at Stempel foundry
Bernhard Antiqua 1911 by Lucian Bernhard

– corner top right –

Bernhard Fraktur 1924 by Lucian Bernhard
Bodoni 1959 Hans Wagner for Ludwig & Mayer foundry
Castellar (Monotype) cast in 2002 at Greno Printing Office by ourselves
Delphin 1951 by Georg Trump
Fette Antiqua
Figaro 1961 
Florida 1932 by Hans Karl Gustav Möhring
Folio Grotesk semibold wide 1950s by K. F. Bauer + W. Baum
Fox 1953 by Werner Rebhuhn
Futura 1920s by Paul Renner
Genzsch Antiqua 1907 by Friedrich Bauer

– corner bottom right –

Goethe Antiqua 
Jaguar 1964 by Georg Trump
Wilhelm Klingspor 1926 by Rudolf Koch
Koch Antiqua 1922 by Rudolf Koch
Kress Capital 1923 by Freiherr von Kress
Lapidar 1931 by Emil Rudolf Weiss
Legende 1937 by Friedrich Ernst Schneidler
Lucian 1932 by Lucian Bernhard
Maxim 1956 by Peter Schneidler
Memphis 1932 by Rudolf Wolf
Mistral 1954 by Roger Excoffon
Mona Lisa 1929 by Albert Auspurg

– corner bottom left –

Mozart 1927 by Georg Belwe
Neuzeit Grotesk 1932 by Wilhelm Pischner
Palette 1959 by Martin Wilke
Post Antiqua 1939 by Herbert Post
Present 1974 by Friedrich Karl Sallwey
Reporter 1938 by Carl Winckow
Rhapsodie 1951 by Ilse Schüle
Schadow Antiqua Werk 1938 by Georg Trump
Semper Antiqua 1941 by Heinrich Pauser
Symphonie 1938 by Imre Reiner
Time Script 1956 by Georg Trump

– corner top left –

Titula 1956 by Alfred Finsterer
Trump mediäval kursiv 1954 by Georg Trump
Unger Fraktur 1793 by J. F. Unger
Vendôme 1962 by Francois Ganeau
Wallau 1931 by Rudolf Koch

Whoever might want to learn more about those founts is advised to go here:

They are shown and described in more detail on www.bleikloetzle.de which has become the „Space for Metal Type“

Text about the quarantine flag taken from Pons, Collins Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd edition 1986, Collins, London, Glasgow
Paper: Conqueror contour, high white 160gms
Founts used for the text:
12 Futura semibold
12 Futura
12 Delphin
36 Futura semibold

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