Lotta – First Assistant (almost)

Those past three and something years have been hard at times but overall it was fun. My boss is very sensible. I could convince her that while evening school might be good for most dogs, for me homeschooling is far better. With homeschooling there are treats and I love treats. And homeschooling meant I could learn at my own personal pace and we postponed some useless stupid stuff. I am not totally sure my boss will leave it at that for good. She might try again at a later point. The stupid useless stuff, I mean. We‘ll see to that. 

Sometimes I need to look at things from a distance and think about it. 

Some time ago a new workplace furniture arrived. I needed to have a thourough look and sniff at it since it had something strange about it: it can move! But in the end I could approve it. It was safe to use for my boss.
I now have a new mattress in the pressroom which is super comfi to sleep on. So I can much better assist my boss while she is working. But what I like most is cuddles, and next to cuddles being in the outdoors.

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