„Hits! Printmakers Top Ten“ is a collaboration initiated and edited by Annegret Frauenlob. Her idea was to use music & lyrics as an inspiration for printmaking artists. She started in 2017 and ever since has invited 10 colleagues every year to each choose one favourite song and create a print inspired by the music and/or lyrics. The print was to be made in relief printing techniques like letterpress, metal type, woodcut, lino etching whatever was at hand at the respective studio or workplace. The result is a cardboard box containing 10 prints the size of the cover of a single playing record (17.5×17.5cm) – it is (in Annegret‘s words) „a visual compilation made of music-inspired prints“.

Once she has received all prints from the participants she packs the boxes in an editon of 50 which are for sale at Euro 250,- each. The boxes go out to the artists who have taken part in the project and will be for sale at the respective studios or whereever the respective artists are exhibiting.

On Annegret‘s website there is a presentation of all HitBox collections since the first one was published in 2017. Also, there are links to videoclips with the respective songs. Have a look: Hits! Printmakers’ Top Ten

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