Millprint-Challenge 2.0

You can now find a digitized version of the original linoprint for the millprint challenge below for download. This is to give all those of you, who could not come to pull their personal print during the Wayzgoose, the opportunity to take part and create their own contribution. This need not be a digital version, the file will allow to be printed in A3, which is about the size of the linoblock that we used for printing during the Wayzgoose in August. As of lately there have been digital treatments of the millprint trickeling in. So if you feel fit handling the respective tools, you might just as well have a go.

If you seek some inspiration there is an overview of so far sent-in images in the blogpost: „Gallery: The Challenge-Millprints“ and a more detailed listing of images together with some background information in the blogpost: „The Mill-Print Challenge 2022: The Images“. 

This is the task for the Millprint-Challenge2.0:
Download the file of the printed mill here. 
Either print it in black-and-white and complete the print by adding colour using watercolour, gouache, acrylic, coloured ink, pastels, chalk – whatever you prefer, have at hand or feel fit using. Other techniques, like e. g. collage or overprinting, are possible as well. Let your creativity flow!
Or give the work your digital treatment without printing it on paper.
The contribution can be made by a single person or a team.
Take a photo of the completed artwork.
Send the image in an email back to me to the extra address challenge ( at ), stating the name or names of everybody who contributed to the work.
Images will be added to the gallery and the list in the order in which they arrive.