Journeywoman Almuth at The Fork and Broom Press

Almuth Koch has been staying as a journey woman for a stretch of two weeks. It was the third placement on her journey. The idea was to produce a series of small pamphlet stitch brochures each coming with one poem and a linocut. All would be the same size but the pages inside woud be different kinds of foldings, and typeface and design would vary to go together well with the poem.

Three out of four were completed: The Monument, The Waves and The Sand Timer. The fourth brochure is special in that Almuth started working on it at her last placement in Graz. The title of this work is The Passenger, and it is both carrying a poem about someone on a journey plus the work itself is on a journey. While in Graz she had printed the poem on a sheet that was to be folded into a concertina. We produced the cover which has a stiff cardbord inside and a printed dust jacket wrapped around it. Work on this brochure will be continued along the route journeywoman Almuth will cover.

The two weeks of her stay were as busy as they were rich. We covered a lot of topics related to working with metal type and printing. We discussed bookbinding, too, because it is crucial that bookbinders and printers keep staying in touch to make their work a success.

Thanks for staying at The Fork and Broom Press, Almuth. Thanks for working here keeping everything so well sorted – something that is so crucial when working with metal type.

Wishing you all the best for your journey!

Applications for a grant as „Letterpress Journey‘wo‘man“ at Verein für die Schwarze Kunst are open now for season 2024. The deadline is 1 October 2023.
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  1. Hello dear Annette. Almuth was so lucky to have had you as a mentor. M xx

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