25 Years of Printmaking

I have been working in my own printmaking studio for 25 years now, and this is a pretty good reason to celebrate.

You are cordially invited to timetravel with me, to join in on the journey from the very first days in my studio to the here and now. There‘ll be stories of type hunting, experiences with learning by doing to work with what is cultural heritage and passing this knowledge on to the next generations, and essays about techniques and my works and what I had in mind when making them. There‘ll be links to fairs and events, to suppliers, to places of interest and suggestions for further reading.
The journey starts here on this blog on 15 March, which is Printmaker‘s Day, and over a period of 99 days it will take you straight to the opening of the jubilee exhibition which will be from 21 to 23 June 2024 in our bespoke barn in Oppenwehe.

Stay tuned!

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