The Studio in 2004

In February the studio starts moving. At the time we thought it to be the Big Move, obviously not knowing that in 2016 moving would be on a much bigger scale. We consider ourselves lucky in that the company that had produced the KORREX printing press, Simmel in Pforzheim, got us in touch with a former member of staff. He had recently retired but agrees to help with moving the press. At the company it was tradition that each apprentice would build one printing press all the way to completion to understand how all the parts work together properly. When we start getting the press ready for moving, it appears that this particular press was the one he himself had built when he was an apprentice more than 40 years ago.

Moving the studio was meticulously planned, but a major breakdown of the rented van quickly turns the whole plan into a stressful challenge. Still there is just enough time to be thoroughly briefed about handling, adjusting and maintaining the press. We are ever so grateful for having been given this useful support from such a seasoned press expert.

Two type cabinets need to be picked up at a small printing office that has already closed down. And another printing office not far from my place is also closing down. Originally, the idea was to not fill the new rooms so densly, but so far the few new cabinets will be no problem.

Peter Vöge, who delivered the KORREX Hannover in 1998, asks me to give him a hand with loading equipment. I can aquire some more very nice cabinets and even a bit more metal type for myself. A couple of months later the printer, whoa has retiered by then, comes to see me in my new place and as a present he gives me a fabulous cliché showing a handpress.

Moving and launching at the new place had to be dealt with on rather short notice. Dates for fairs and markets had been agreed upon beforehand, and print projects had already been planned. One being woodcuts showing scenes from my travels through England, Poland and Italy during the 1980s. I print on paper custom made and watermarked by artisan papermaker Johannes Follmer. He runs Papermill Homburg which has been the family‘s business for generations. It is now also a museum and place of cultural heritage.


Briefly noted:

Exhibiting at 5th Bookmakers‘ Fair in Mosbach

Member of the Fine Press Book Association (FPBA)

Visiting Japico at Paperworld Fair in Frankfurt – the company then provider of fine and Asian papers will become part of Roemerturm a couple of years later.

Work published in 2004:

„Blick von der Rocka“ woodcut

„Holztür mit Blumen“ woodcut

„At Home and on Safari“ series of woodcuts

„Meine Reise nach Polen“ (My Journey to Poland) series of woodcuts

„Die Lilien auf dem Felde“ Matthäus 6 with woodcut


Druckwerkstatt Mosbach

Papermill Homburg

The Fine Press Book Association

Essay on paper (German)

For reading:

Werner Brennecke „Wie wir Papier machen“ Nora Handpresse, 1997 Duesseldorf.

To be continued on 12 April 2024


  1. Just lovely, Annette. I had a brief look at the Essay on Paper (auf Deutsch) and the photographs you included are wonderful. I will read this essay a little later. You can be so proud of your work.

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