Printmaker’s Day: Presenting the New Books

Printmaker‘s Day is the anniversary of classical printmaking techniques having been given the status of immaterial cultural heritage in Germany. This happend on 15 March 2018.

Printmaker‘s Day at The Fork and Broom Press is the day to present all artist‘s books that have been published since the previous Printmaker‘s Day. With last year’s event having to be cancelled this means this time around there are two years of books to be presented, and: book presentation will be digitally here on this web space. You will be able to visit the presentation from 15 March to 21 March 24/7 from everywhere around this planet. You can even have a glass of your favourite wine or a cuppa with it, as you can watch it all without leaving the place you currently live in – even in case you happen to have to self-isolate or stay in quarantine.

The three books published since last Printmaker’s Day in 2019 are listed below. Just klick on the title you wish to see more about, the link will take you to the respective post. The last in the list is an extra treat: There is a video of one of my back list books: Menschen.Würde.Rechte (Man.Dignity.Rights) – a book published in 2005 and particularly worth watching being shown in motion.

You will find a video added to the post in which the respective book is described. In the video I’ll be showing the book to you like if it were during a fair. Imagine yourself standing at my table and watching me turning the pages exclusively for you. There is no spoken explanation you can just enjoy listening to the paper making its very specific sound while the pages are being turned. The description is given in the accompanying text to read.

Published in 2019 during the 100 year anniversary of Bauhaus in Weimar:
Paul Klee – Der Pfeil
The book’s first, and so far only, appearance in public was at the Biennial of Book Arts in Weimar in November 2019.

The book published in March 2020 with the intention to be shown at the Fine Press Book Fair in Oxford (UK) that same month:
William Dean Howells: Earliest Spring

The newest book was published in October 2020:
William Wordsworth: Three Sonnets

The special book arts treat:
Menschen.Würde.Rechte (Man.Dignity.Rights) in motion

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